Friday, 26 February 2010

SNKP Announces New King Of Fighters!

Yesterday SNK Playmore revealed the existence of The King Of Fighters XIII, the latest instalment of the long running series of 2D fighting games, which started out way back in 1994, and featured yearly updates up until the release of KOF 2003. No other details about the game were given out, although it has been confirmed in the past that the series is to remain in the realm of hand drawn pixel art, along with lush 25fps animations and enhanced visual effects.

The game is being developed for the Taito Type X2 arcade board, the same one which powered predecessor KOFXII. Also SNKP have stated that a proper unveiling will take place at what they’re calling a premier event, due to be held in the Tokyo electronics capital Akihabara on 25 March.

In other related news, SNK Playmore have opened up a website in anniversary of the much-loved Neo Geo platform, which features a brief history of both the home AES system as well as the MVS arcade variant. In addition the site features a list of pretty much every title to be released on the format, and is available to browse in a full Engrish (I’m mean English) language version.

For those who aren’t completely aware, the Neo Geo was the birthplace for pretty much all of SNK’s flagship titles, including The King Of Fighters, Metal Slug, Fatal Fury, Art Of Fighting, Last Blade and Samurai Shodown. It out lasted two full generations of consoles (16 and 32bit), and was laid to rest near the end of a third due to growing piracy issues, and outdated technology, which had been pushed as far as it could go.

- SNK Neo Geo Anniversary Site

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