Saturday, 20 February 2010

Sega Reveals Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

Yesterday at the AOU 2010 arcade expo in Japan, Sega revealed for the first time the latest instalment in the Virtua Fighter series, in what appears to be the last iteration of VF5 before they move on to creating a fully-fledged sequel. Anyone still waiting for a VF5R port to arrive may want to let go, as now there’s very little chance of that happening. Instead, Sega may well be holding back to release this latest version onto consoles, though it will be at least six months before they announce anything of the sort, as not to impact on potential arcade sales.

In addition to releasing a trailer for the game. Sega also revealed that all items and unlockables from VF5R would transfer over to FS, putting hardcore Japanese arcade VF’ers at ease.

Whilst no more details about VF5FS were given at this time (arcade release date?) we can probably expect some major tweaks to the gameplay, in addition to some subtle changes and balance adjustments.

However from the trailer alone, we can already see some of the obvious changes being implemented as well some things which only die-hard VF fans are likely to notice. Firstly, we have what looks like a complete wardrobe change for all of the characters - all of which are far more outrageous than any of the cast’s original outfits - though we don’t know if these consumes are just additional ones or are actually the default numbers, plus we can see some new items to unlock during play.

Secondly, in terms of gameplay changes we did see a few improvements, such as some new cancels being performed by Pai, along with tweaks to how certain moves hit/react with certain characters - Taka for example didn't get knocked down after being hit by Jacky, which always happened when doing the same move in VF5R.

Currently that's all we know for now, but being excessively huge Virtua Fighters fans here at IQGamer, we will definitely be bringing you all the latest on Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, just as soon as we find out more ourselves.

Until then, head over to and sign up for the petition to bring both VF5R and VF5FS onto PS3 and 360. Together, lets make it happen!

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