Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Iwata Clarifies Wii HD, DS2 Rumours

Late last year various rumours started to materialise about how Nintendo might launch an enhanced Wii HD console shortly in order to both appease hardcore gamers, and to delayed the release of a true successor to the current system.

Today at an investors meeting in Japan, Satoru Iwata denied that he ever stated that there even was a HD version of the Wii in the pipeline. He continued by adding “If I were asked if a Wii that's been made compatible with HD -- just high resolution compatibility -- would be bought by players throughout the world, I'd of course say, 'Do you think it will sell with just that? It needs something new.”

In addition, rumblings about the successor to the Nintendo DS was also rife after Asahi Shimbun Daily reported that the next iteration of the DS would feature High-resolution graphics and motion sensing capabilities, along with at least two touch screens. However it appears that Iwata in the interview with them didn’t actually state this either. When asked the question he replied: “These are of course thought to be required. However, would it sell with just this?” however, the paper simply removed the second half of his response, according to Iwata.

Now whilst we probably can shoot down any rumours of a Wii HD, the news of a high resolution DS successor does make sense. Back in November last year, reported that nVidia had been given the contract to work on Nintendo’s next hand-held system, specifically using their Tegra chipset. Though unconfirmed by Nintendo, and the fact that the source has been a little unreliable in the past, it does make sense that Nintendo would partner with someone like nVida, Ati or ImgTech this early along.

If a version of Tegra (a CPU/GPU on single chip) is used, it’s likely to be one of their med-to-high end varieties, and would produce visuals similar to the original Xbox or GamCube, and supports shader model 3.

As the timeframe for a new Nintendo handheld approaches, we’re sure to find out more sooner rather than later.

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