Thursday, 4 February 2010

Sega Announces Sonic The Hedgehog 4

Today SEGA finally revealed just what Project Needlemouse is all about, and unlike what you may have thought; it’s not just a return to the character’s 16bit roots, but also a fully-fledged sequel to Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Say hello to Sonic The Hedgehog 4!

Sonic 4 is to be released as an episodic series of download titles making its way to all three major platforms (PS3, 360 and Wii), and will be a proper 2D game created using 3D graphics and visual effects. Both 360 and PS3 versions will run natively in 1080p whilst the Wii version gets 480p instead. Motion controls are being added to both the Wii and PS3 versions, though the PS3 game will only have mild Sixaxis usage.

SEGA also plans to rework some of the music from the classic 16bit titles, along with creating new tunes in a similar style for Sonic 4. We also assume all the classic sound effects will be brought back or updated in the same way too.

With regards to the gameplay, Sonic 4 will feature only Sonic as a playable character, and will keep his entire repertoire of moves from the first four Megadrive games, whilst including the homing attack from the Sonic Adventure series.

In an interview with GameSpot Sega associate brand manager Ken Balough stated: “We're going to deliver a Genesis-era Sonic game as if it were created today that goes to the core of what classic Sonic fans desire.”

Certainly hearing that, and seeing the short but sweet trailer, gives us hope that this really will be Sonic’s shining return to form.

Sonic 4 Episode 1 is due out for download sometime this summer.

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