Wednesday, 3 February 2010

GT5 Possibly Delayed Again?

After $60 million and five years of development work, you’d think that Kazunori Yamauchi’s Pièce de résistance would be ready for release fairly shortly. Not so according to James Armstrong, an executive from SCEE’s Portuguese division. In an interview with Canarias Al Dia, a Spanish site, he stated that he thinks GT5 will arrive “this fall, before Christmas", before also saying that it’s "not yet decided". Right?

So when is Gran Turismo 5 likely to come out? Well, your guess is as good as ours, considering the gap between GT4 and GT5 is two years longer than the one between GT3 and GT4 on the PS2, and it’s not even out yet. It took only three years for GT4 to arrive after part 3 if you’re wondering.

Our best guess is that GT5 will arrive at the earliest, sometime this summer in Japan, with September being the very latest it could hit. Between September and Christmas sounds likely for Europe and North America.

Naturally, none of this has been confirmed by Polyphony Digital, though we wouldn’t be surprised if this there isn’t a smidgen of truth to be found.

The magical roundabout continues…

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