Sunday, 27 February 2011

Updates At IQGamer

Okay, so as you might be aware there hasn't exactly been the most amount of updates here at IQGamer over the past week or so. The end result is that our plans for covering Killzone 3 - along with a few other titles - have been scuppered.

Well, almost. You see, behind the scenes I'm working on a few other projects - tech-related of course - which will eventually benefit readers of this site, in time. Currently, this means juggling a barrage of video editing, writing and having to head off to my day job also. All of which leaves very little time to work on additional content for IQG.

However, the end result should be well worth the wait. And once I get completely up to speed there will be more content forthcoming. Until then, you'll all just have to bare with me for a bit. Rest assured that I'm not sitting around and taking time off. Having worked on one thing or another practically every day of last year, I'm not about to stop now.

Anyway, this was just a little update to let you all know that I haven't simply disappeared and left IQGamer behind.

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