Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Dragon Age 2 Gets Texture Boost On PC

While it was previously common to assume that multiplatform titles on the PC would automatically benefit from featuring much higher quality art assets, in recent years this hasn't completely been true. Sure, PC gamers get higher resolution textures and higher quality/additional effects, but usually these are far off from pushing what is capable on the platform.

Dragon Age 2 may be another one of those games, one that is built around working on both consoles and the PC. But there's also no doubt that the PC version will end up vastly superior, if the original game is anything to go by. However, despite this Bioware have released a hi-res texture pack for their upcoming sequel, enhancing it even further.

Available from their website now, the download, which comes in at around 1.08GB, replaces many of the lower resolution assets with much more highly detailed ones. The downside, is that you'll be needing a graphics card with at least 1024MB of VRAM, along with using Direct X 11 to maximise this potential.

In a world where tailoring around the needs of the now low-spec consoles takes precedence, it's good to see some companies doing at least a little more with their PC releases. Although, a texture pack pales in comparison to the high-end specifics of both Crysis 2 and EA's recently unveled Battlefield 3, both of which look to fully take advantage of todays top-end PC hardware.

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