Tuesday, 15 February 2011

More Crysis 2 Console Info Surfaces

As your should be aware by now, an unfinished version of Crysis 2 for the PC has been released all over the internet. Videos and screens have been posted, often revealing many potential spoilers. Furthermore, many have also been removed by EA, who is desperately trying to stem the leak.

In addition, the config file for the game has also found its way into the public domain, thus revealing the individual graphical configuration for all three builds of the game. And, when backed up with the information gleamed from the leaked build, a more detailed picture of how both console versions operate in comparison to the PC game is now available.

Starting off, here we have two separate videos showcasing both the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the multiplayer beta.



Edit: PC video removed by EA.


Other than some brightness and contrast differences, we can see that the 360 version is reasonably close to the PC game on the whole. Essentially, the PC beta is running with ‘medium’ settings enabled on 'Advanced', while the 360 game uses similar settings as a baseline for overall graphical finesse. In fact it looks like the 360 is running in between 'low' and 'medium' with additional features at 'high'.

Interestingly, both the leaked game for the PC, and the config files show that while both the PS3 and 360 versions use ‘Medium’ settings, they also have a few features tweaked to run higher than that. For example, on the 360 certain effects, like some of the lighting, are running in customised ‘higher’ settings, thus bridging the gap between console and computer even further in some areas, whilst LOD and shadowmap update are based around 'Low' settings. DOF looks like it could be 'Medium'.

In addition, the files also bring us a little closer to finding out just how well the PS3 version of the game will stack up against the 360 one. Previously, information uncovered hinted that, besides a difference in v-sync and LOD issues, both versions would be basically like for like. Now it turns out that may not entirely be the case – the PS3 build actually incurs some very minor cuts, apparently and, one significant gain.

Looking at the config files, things that stand out are the Watertesellation , FogDepthTest, and VegetationSprites, which have different values set per console. On the PS3, both FogDepthTest and VegitationSprites are switched off; effectively absent from the game, while the value for Watertesselation reveals that the water effects should be more detailed compared to the 360.

Another difference that has been sighted since our Tech Analysis of the 360 multiplayer beta, is that the LOD settings for the PS3 seem to be the same as the 360's, meaning that outside of some vegitation being cut, there shouldn't be any additional LOD issues impacting on the look of the game. V-sync, thus far, looks to have different perameters. But as to what this actually means in terms of performance; that isn't exactly clear.

Some of the config info though, should be approached with caution, as some details are a little off. For example, the PS3 version is listed at running in 1280x704, while the 360 in native 1280x720, which we know isn't the case.

So far, it seems that all the evidence points to the PS3 version being largely identical, or at least on a par with the 360 game; give or take one or two features. However, with still nothing being shown - with conspiracy theorists sighting everything from paid Microsoft and Sony deals, to the build being in disrepair - we, along with everyone else, are still left in the dark as to the true visual nature of the game.

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