Thursday, 17 June 2010

PlayStation Move Launch Details Surface

Sony’s eagerly awaited Playstation Move is heading to retailers on the 15thSeptember 2010 as confirmed at E3 last night.

For anyone unaware of previous product details from Sony, the Playstation Move is a motion-sensing controller system that uses the Playstation eye camera (already available) that tracks a glowing light bulb on the end of a remote to apply the gamer’s actions precisely. The controller consists of one long rectangular shaped controller or ‘stick’, designed to record movement and a second sub controller, named the navigation controller.

Several games were also announced alongside the Move that have been specifically designed for use with the system. Firstly an action game called Heroes of the Move that includes some old favourite characters from PS2 and PS3 platform games. Daxter, Jak, Sly raccoon, Ratchet and Clank all feature. Secondly a fantasy game called Sorcery where you cast spells with your wand, is particularly appealing to me as a Harry Potter fan!! Tiger Woods 2011, Singstar: Dance, Time Crisis: Razing Storm, SOCOM 4 and the promising Killzone 3 are also confirmed as compatible with the Playstation Move.

A UK price point has not been confirmed, but prices and a bundle have been confirmed for North America. The bundle confirmed by Sony features the Move controller, PlayStation Eye camera and the specially developed Sports Champions, as a part of a bundle for $99.99. This has not been confirmed for the UK as yet, although retailers here are taking preorders for the Playstation Move remote with the Eye Camera included. The suggested price on several websites for this set is between £50-£60 with the individual controllers priced at around £40, and the navigation controller at roughly £30 if you wished to buy extra sets or already have the Playstation Eye camera.

This certainly could be a revolution for current PS3 gamers in how they play their games, and I predict it will be successful as long as there is a continued focus on new and innovative game design that is suitable to the PS3 audience, rather than a trend towards cheaply made clones of previous successes on the Wii. The Playstation 3 has advantages in areas that the Wii does not, such as high-end graphical capabilities and much more processing power, which in turn should allow for games that produce a good combination of playability and design.

Against the new Xbox product, Kinnect, graphical differences and processing power are not as important, but in my opinion, a lack of controller will mean a more confusing experience for the lay consumer. However time will tell!!

We look forward to posting up more information about both Move and its compatible games as it feeds through to us, and hope that Sony will bring us a product that becomes more than a lost remote under the sofa.

Mary Antieul, Contributor

You can read our original in-depth, tech-focused piece about the hardware here.


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