Monday, 14 June 2010

Microsoft Announces 360 Slim

Earlier today at their pre-E3 press conference in LA Microsoft officially unveiled a brand new version of the 360 console, marking an end to leaked motherboard photos and numerous unconfirmed reports of its existence.

The 360 Slim is a smaller, shorter, and quieter redesign of the current Super Elite model, boasting a 250gb hard drive, built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi adaptor, extra USB ports, a separate optical output for surround sound users, and a port for hooking up the Kinect motion sensor.

Compared to current models of 360 the slim features a shiny gloss black finish with chrome highlights, and also has touch sensitive buttons much like the original chunky PS3’s. Internal revisions to the hardware are obviously present, with a shrunk down CPU/GPU combo and one single fan responsible for cooling the unit, resulting in the console being "whisper quiet" according to Microsoft.

Retailers in the US are expecting to receive stock of the new console later on this week for immediate sale, whilst Europe is said to be getting the machine on 16th July.

We shall be providing a more comprehensive look at the hardware later on this week after the mayhem of E3 has subsided.

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