Wednesday, 27 January 2010

PS3 Bayonetta Gets Patched

The much troubled PS3 version of Sega's Boyonetta is to receive a patch tomorrow, one which sorts out the game's rather long load times. Once downloaded it will allow a Hard Drive Install option to be selected from the main menu, and should reduce loading to comparable levels found in the 360 version.

The patch is only being released in Japan for now, but we expect it to hit worldwide very shortly. Unfortunately it doesn't improve any of the large graphical discrepancies to be found in the PS3 game, most severly of which is the nearly halved frame rate - running frequently at an unstable 30fps compared to a mostly solid 60fps on 360.

It remains to be seen whether Sega will attempt to fix any of the other issues at present, seeing as the delayed PAL release saw little improvement. A few small tweaks may certainly be possbile. But it all comes down to just how many consumers are still interested months down the road, and whether Sega feel it's financially viable, considering those problems didn't put a dent in sales of the PS3 version.

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