Wednesday, 27 January 2010

IQGamer Launches!

Welcome to IQGamer. We started this blog as a beginning to something different, a new kind of games site, representing not only what we hope will become one of the definitive sources for the most in-depth technical analysis around, but also a fresh way of thinking when approaching conventional videogame journalism.

Of course we’ll still be reviewing the games, and hunting down that elusive news story. However we will also be providing you with accurate head-to-head comparisons and in-depth tech reports, along with intelligent discussions on subjects surrounding much of the industry and the wider media it transends. All of this delivered with our own distinct viewpoints, polarising through unbiased technical truths and the heart and souls of the individuals.

Some of these features will be posted up on here at IQGamer in the usual way, but we will also be presenting you with a regular pod cast. These will expand upon the points raised in our articles, fleshing out items of particular interest, and allow a platform for much needed discussion to take place.

Over time our plan is to expand IQGamer into a new breed of gaming site. One that we think will redefine what videogame journalism is all about, taking the fundamentals laid down over the years and gently reworking them into something more unique, and something which better represents where this whole notion of games coverage is going.

Until then this Blog will be the hotbed for us to trial out some of our new ideas, refine them down to a fine art, and eventually put them to work in an all encompassing gaming site. Or thats the idea, anyway.

We invite you to join us along for the ride.


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  2. I'm on board.
    Great intro to the blog. I look forward to contributing where invited and to recording that podcast.
    Keep on updating!
    I just wanted to add: where is a link to