Friday, 29 January 2010

Nintendo Reveals Metroid: Other M Details

It’s been a while since we last heard anything about Metroid: Other M, and we though the worst had happened to the series latest third person adventure. However, today Nintendo announced a summer 2010 release calendar for the title in Japan, and opened up a website to go along with the announcement.

A few details were also revealed about what we can expect from the title.

A return to heavy action-based sequences was touted, along with more traditional exploration-based elements characteristic of the classic Metroid franchise, which is extremely good news for fans. Yoshio Sakamoto (Metroid co-creator and Lead Scenario Producer) revealed that Other M will feature story progression much in the same vain as Metroid Fusion, and stated that the collaboration between Nintendo and Team Ninja is "unlike anything that's ever been done at Nintendo; it's more than just a collaborative effort -- it's one group working toward a common goal".

It is also comforting to know that along with Sakamoto, three other GBA Metroid designers are on board working on the main game design, whilst Team Ninja handle all the modelling work and actual coding.

Here is the official site.

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