Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Gets 3D iPhone Remake

The announcement of a proper PS3 and Xbox 360 Mortal Kombat reboot of sorts – inspired by the first three arcade games in the series – was enough to get fans salivating. However, the retro-themed goodness doesn’t end there. Today on the Mortal Kombat Facebook page, it was finally confirmed that a complete reworking of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 was on its way to the iPhone, featuring brand new 3D graphics no less.

UMK3 on the iPhone will feature a total of 13 playable characters, each with their own fatalities, plus supports customisable controls, as well as a head-to-head kombat mode via Bluetooth or WiFi on both the iPhone and iPod touch. The game will also stay true to the arcade original by excluding any fancy 3D-based gameplay features. So that means plenty of bloody uppercuts and roundhouse kicks to the head, sweeps, and crazily over-the-top, jump in dial-a-combos.

The biggest draw however, isn’t so much the return of classic MK gameplay, but is with the game’s visuals, which have been completely redone using textured geometry rather than flat 2D sprites – although it looks like the texture work is partially based on the old digitised pixel art. Graphically UMK3 looks great, almost on-par with what you’d expect any of the first three titles in the series to look like if they were re-created to fit in with MK4’s three-dimensional leap, and certainly – in my opinion anyway – ripe for a porting to PSN and XBLA to coincide with the brand new, rebooted Mortal Kombat game.

As an iPhone title, UMK3 might indeed attract some serious attention, playing upon it’s reputation as being one of the best games in the series. Although, with the use of touch screen controls more than likely to put a dampner on things than please the franchise faithful, one can’t help but feel that an inclusion with the upcoming PS3 and 360 game, or a download console release would be a far better bet. Either way, we definitely look forward to checking UMK3 out upon its release, sampling what could turn out to be a nice reinvisioning of a classic.

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