Thursday, 9 September 2010

Feature: Halo Reach Legendary Edition Unboxing

Being a huge fan of the halo franchise I was extremely excited when I was able to get my hands on the Bungie space crate. Following a delicate unboxing I was not disappointed. Fans planning on getting their hands on this edition of Halo Reach will be getting not only the definitive edition of the game, but also a whole lot of fan service in the form of notes letters from the Halo universe. Then of course there is the Noble team monument and Dr. Halsey's personal diary on creating a Spartan.

The crate in which all this goodness is packaged in is a fairly durable collectors piece itself, designed to be something you would expect to find in the halo universe. Once inside you are greeted with the collectors edition of the game and a letter both snugly fitted in to tight polyester. What grabbed my attention was not only the quality of design of the collectors edition box but the accompanying letter. The letter explains on how the Noble team monument was actually a museum piece which was rescued and had been passed down eventually to you.

The collectors edition packaging is actually one of the most satisfying pieces of game packaging I have ever handled, and I do like my collectors editions of games. This even trumps the legendary edition of Halo 3 in terms of case quality. Though I don't think anything could beat the Halo 3 helmet in terms of functionality - being able to store the master chiefs trilogy plus ODST in one commemorative helmet was a master stroke. But the Reach packaging stand alone is not only durable but impressive - the feel of it as you pull it from the outer ONI black box is nothing short of legendary.

The game is encased in it's own little section which detaches away from the main box. It is here where you get some of the best fiction a company has ever released as an companion piece. Dr. Halsey's journal is a work of sheer quality as is the various clippings featured with it. I don't wish to ruin it so I shall leave it at that, fans of Halo will not be disappointed.

The Noble team monument, crafted by the guys at McFarlane toys, is every bit the quality collectable any halo fan would want. Sculpted and moulded to perfection, complete with adjustable weapons this monument captures each of the noble team with pinpoint accuracy. This piece along with the letter explaining it's origin, plus all the contents of the collectors edition is what makes this Legendary edition of Halo Reach truly Legendary.

Leon Goldstone, Contributor

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