Tuesday, 21 September 2010

3D Blu-Ray Support And More in Firmware 3.50

You can already play 3D games on your PS3 assuming you have a 3D ready TV: an update released a few months ago made this possible, although the playback of 3D Blu-Ray movies was strictly out of the question. Until now.

Earlier today Sony released firmware update 3.50 across the globe. This latest update now allows users to be able to watch compatible Blu-Ray films in stereoscopic 3D for the first time. Sony originally enabled the PS3 to play games in 3D way back in the summer, and at the time mentioned that movie playback in the format would arrive shortly after.

The company commented on the update by saying:

"In 2010, only Sony can deliver a full "lens to lounge room" 3D experience from content capture, content creation such as films to games, to device delivery that provides the ultimate 3D enjoyment in the home."

Of course this was only in regards to the 3D portion of the update. However, the firmware adds much more than that to your PS3.

Here is a full list of features that the 3.50 upgrade will provide:

- 3D BluRay support
- Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity - adds a new icon to the Music category, linking to the new service that should become available in this quarter.
- Browser update with Playstation Move 'direct pointer' support
- Improvements to the Playstation Plus user interface in the Playstation Store
- A 3D logo for 3D enabled content
- The Move (re)calibration screen in the XMB is available from within games
- You can report people from the friends menu
- 14 of the most common errors have received better descriptions
- Access your Facebook profile from within Account Management on XMB

The most significant changes, other than 3D Blu-Ray support, appear to be a proper integration of Facebook with the XMB (or at least accessing your main profile), and the ability to use the Move’s pointer ability to navigate the XMB menu screens. Sadly there is no sign of the rumoured, brand new web browser, or the option to have cross-game chat – a feature that is constantly at the top of most users most requested lists.

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