Saturday, 7 August 2010

250gb Xbox 360 Kinect Package Sighted

Just when you thought that Microsoft were done announcing new Xbox 360 consoles, and launch day Kinect bundles, another one comes right along.

According to Joystiq the company are planning to release a 250gb Xbox 360 S Kinect bundle to run alongside the existing 4gb package announced last month. The 4gb model plus Kinect is set to retail for £250 in the UK, making it competitive against Sony’s PS3 plus PS Move deal (expected to be more expensive) whilst also shaving £30 off the price of Kinect compared to buying both the 360 console and the motion sensing device on its own.

No word was given on how much more the 250gb pack will retail for. However, if going by the price of the 4gb package something around the £300 mark sound reasonably accurate to me. This would still keep the machine competitive against a PS3 plus PS Move pack, whilst also giving users an expected reduction on the stand-alone Kinect price. Though non of these pricing plans for the 250gb bundle have yet been confirmed, and all the information that has been uncovered so far has come solely from a picture located on the outside of a 4gb 360 + Kinect hardware box.

No other details were revealed, other than the fact that a bundle with the higher-end Xbox 360 and Kinect was forthcoming. However it is believed that the bundle will at least include some demos of Kinect software, and assumingly a copy of Kinect Adventures like with the 4gb console bundle. Joystiq seem to belive that these demos may well be included as an aditional DVD on top of any existing software pre-loaded on the hard drive.

At present Microsoft have not given a response to the leak, although we expect an official announcement on the subject shortly.

The Kinect and 4gb 360 + Kinect package is due for a release on November 4th in North America, with confirmed details of a European launch yet to be announced.

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